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Radio broadcasting has been an integral part of our daily life. It serves as a means of information, entertainment, and a way of keeping ourselves updated with the local and global happenings. In the Tambo Valley region of Victoria, Australia, there are several community and commercial radio stations that cater to the varied interests of the local populace. In this article, we will review all the radio stations that can be picked up in the Tambo Valley region, along with their frequency and band. 1. ABC Radio National (91.7 FM) - Available on the FM band, ABC Radio National is a national radio network of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). It provides news and current affairs, programs on science, health, and culture. 2. 3TR FM (107.9 FM) - Also available on the FM band, 3TR FM is a commercial radio station that airs popular music, local news, weather updates, and community announcements. 3. SYN Media (91.3 FM) - Another FM radio station, SYN Media broadcasts programs created by and for the youth of Australia. It has a variety of content from music, talk shows, news and sports. 4. Light FM (89.9 FM) - Light FM is a Christian radio station located in Melbourne, but can be received in the Tambo Valley region. On the FM band, it broadcasts Christian music, devotional programs, and community events and announcements. 5. Triple M Gippsland (94.3 FM) - A commercial radio station that targets the male demographic, Triple M broadcasts popular music, sports, news, and current events. 6. ABC Gippsland (100.7 FM) - Another radio station available on the FM band, ABC Gippsland is a local radio station that covers news and current affairs, weather updates, and community events. 7. Gippsland FM (104.7 FM) - Gippsland FM is another community radio station available on the FM band. It provides a voice for the local community and broadcasts local news, music, and entertainment. 8. Gold 1242 (1242 AM) - Gold 1242 is a commercial AM radio station that broadcasts classic hits from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, targeting the older demographic. 9. RSN Racing & Sport (1620 AM) - RSN Racing & Sport is a commercial AM radio station that specializes in sports broadcasts, specifically horse racing, and harness racing. 10. SEN 1116 AM (1116 AM) - SEN 1116 AM is another commercial AM radio station dedicated to sports broadcasts, covering local and international sports events. In conclusion, the Tambo Valley region in Victoria, Australia, offers a wide variety of radio stations that cater to different interests and preferences. With a mix of community and commercial radio stations, listeners have ample opportunities to stay informed and entertained. The availability of these radio stations, across bands and frequencies, is a great example of the power of media.

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